Three men were flying in a small plane when the engine failed

To their disappointment, there were only two parachutes on board. After a couple of minutes of silence, one of the men said:

“Look, guys, I need to take one of the parachutes. I’m a single father with three children to feed.”

The other two agreed and gave him one of the backpacks. The father put it on and jumped off the falling plane.

“So, it’s me or you now, eh?”, said one of the two men still on the plane

“Oh, just take a parachute and jump off,” said the other one

“But then you’ll die”

“Nah, dude, I’ll just take the second parachute”

“What do you mean? You just gave it to that guy that jumped off”

“I gave him the backpack where we kept the food. After all, he said he’s got kids to feed.”

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