Three men were drinking at a bar

(This is my best effort to translate this joke to English)

The first guy tells the others, “You wouldn’t believe what a fool I made of myself last night!
We were having a family dinner and I wanted to ask my mother in law if she wanted me to refill her CUP, but instead I said “Would you like me to refill your CUNT?”

The three of them laughed and then the second guy goes, “Same thing happened to me too!
We also had a family dinner last night. I wanted to ask my daughter if I can taste the PUDDING that she made, but it came out as “Can I have a taste of your PUSSY?”.

More laughing ensued when the third guy says “That’s nothing! We had a big dinner yesterday. Almost my entire extended family was there. We were all sitting at the big table, and just a few minutes after we started eating I wanted to ask my wife if she can pass me the SALT, but instead I stuttered and said “YOU RUINED MY LIFE YOU FUCKING WHORE!”.

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