Three men go walking their dogs to go to the bar

Three men walking their dogs together walk to a bar that has a big sign saying “no dogs allowed”

The first man says “I’ll have a drink” and walks in and when the bouncer points to the sign the man sticks his arm out straight and says “it’s a seeing eye dog” and gets in

The second man, courageous watching the first man, thinks he can do it, and goes in. He’s stopped by the bouncer who says, ” sorry sir, no dogs allowed.” The man says, ” this is my seeing eye therapy dog, see?” And the bouncer looks down and sees the dog has a vest on and the man is wearing sunglasses and sighs, and says “my apologies, go on in sir”

The third man wants to join his friends and so he puts on his sunglasses, puts his arm out straight, and even happens to be walking with a cane. The bouncer stops him and refuses to admit him because of the dog. No dogs allowed. The man explains that he is blind and this is his service dog, and the bouncer says, “sir your SERVICE dog is a chihuahua.”

The man double takes and says:

“They gave me a CHIHUAHUA?!?!”

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