Three men died and went to heaven

Three men died and went to heaven. Where it has been decreed that each person gets a vehicle according to their deeds. The first man arrives and god asks “How long were you married for?” “20 Years” said the first man “And how many times did you cheat on your wife?” God asked “Uhh… 5 times” he said “So be it. You may enter. But you will receive only a Ford Focus Diesel”answered God “Okay, That’s fair” and he drives away The second man arrives and God, asks the same question “How many years you were married for?” “40 Years” he answered “And you cheated on your wife how many times?” God asks “Eh… only twice” answered the second man “Very good. You may enter. Here are the keys for your brand new BMW 420″ Finally the third man arrives and god asks the same questions, and the man answered proudly”I was married for 60 years!” When asked if he ever cheated on his wife, he answered in disgust “Never! I would never do that!” God clearly impressed handed him the keys to a Ferrari F40 “Enjoy!” God exclaimed “You deserve this!” One day as the first and second man are driving their Cars on the main heaven road, they come across the third man quietly crying on the side of the road. They stopped and asked “What’s the matter, Mate? Something wrong with your Ferrari?” “No…” answered the third man as he wiped his tears “I just passed my wife and she was driving a Reliant Robin….”

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