Three men are trapped on an island inhabited by cannibals.

Soon enough they get caught. the leader tells them to go out into the woods and pick ten of any fruit they find then come back. The first man comes back with ten apples. The leader says to him “If you can stick all ten apples up your ass without making and sound or facial expression then you will be set free. If you fail we will eat you.” He only manages to get two in before cringing in pain, and thus he is eaten and sent to heaven. The second man comes back with ten blueberries and the leader gives him the same task as he gave the first man. He gets nine blueberries in when all of a sudden he burst out laughing, and so he is eaten and sent to heaven, where he meets the first man again. The first man is extremely confused and asks his friend, “What happened! you had the easiest fruit, why the hell did you start laughing!” To which the second man replies, “I saw the last guy coming back with pineapples”

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