Three inexperienced guys went to a brothel for the first time…

When they got there, the guy with the least money said, “I got $25, so I’ll go first”. They sent him to a room and he came out 10 minutes later with a smile. The other two guys asked him how it went. First guy said, “Man, it was great! A beautiful girl came out, put a pineapple ring around my dick and ate her way in!”.

The second guy said, “Awesome, I got $50 I’ll go next!” He went in came out 15 minutes later with a bigger smile on his face. They asked him how it went and he said, “The most beautiful girl came out, put 2 pineapple rings around my dick and ate her way in!”

Last guy said, “That’s awesome! I got $100 I can’t wait to see what that will get me!” He walked in the same room and came out 2 minutes later crying and sobbing. His friends asked him what happened. He said, “When I went in, a beautiful girl came out, put 3 pineapple rings around my dick, topped it with whip cream and a cherry. It looked so good I ate it myself”

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