Three guys out in a fishing boat together got struck by lightning and killed.

When they arrived at the pearly gate St. Peter met them. He approached Joe first and introduced him to a homely woman a said this will be your mate for eternity to fulfill your every need. Joe said ok, but why not a pretty girl? St. Peter got out his book and searched, hmmmm, yes,hmm hmm, ok hum and closed the book. “ Joe it seems in life you were good but not that good”.

Then it was Bobs turn. St. Peter introduces him to an ugly woman to fulfill his every wish for eternity. Like Joe, Bob asked what was with the ugly woman? St Peter searched the book again, hmm hmmm unhuh right. “Bob it seems in life you were good but not that good”

Then Fred stepped up. St. Peter introduces him to a beautiful young lady. Joe an Bob were floored and immediately asked St. Peter what the deal was. St.Peter again picks up the book, humm ok hum yes yes hum and closes the book. It seems in life that she was good but….

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