Three guys have been travelling through mountains for a week.

They were desperate for some rest on a comfy bed. Later on during the night they came across an old house. They knocked on the door and an old man answered. They explained their situation to the old man, the old man agreed but said that he only had one bed in the barn and that they would have to share the bed. Desperate for the comfort of a soft bed, they agreed. Next morning they all woke up all fresh and happy. The guy who slept on the left side of the bed said that, “I had the best sleep last night, I dreamt that I was getting a handjob from my crush.” Hearing this the guy on the right side said,”Hey me too, I dreamt that I got a handjob from my girlfriend back home.” To this the guy in the middle says, “Huh, I dreamt that I was skiing.”

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