Three guys die…

and Saint Peter stops them at the Golden Gates. He tells them, “Depending how faithful you were to your wife, depends what kind of car you drive across the Golden Bridge to heaven.”

First guy says, “I was married 10 years and only cheated three times.”

Saint Peter says, “That’s ok I suppose, here take this older model pick-up truck.”

Second guy says, “I was married 15 years and only cheated once!”

Saint Peter says, “Pretty great, here take this sports car.”

Third guy says, “I was married 40 years and never cheated on my wife.”

Saint Peter says, “Wow that’s the best I’ve ever heard! Here, take this Golden Edition Rolls-Royce.”

The three guys start across the bridge and the Rolls takes off and leaves them. About half way across, the other two guys find the Rolls pulled over with his head on the steering wheel. They stop and walk over.

First guy says, “Come on man, being dead isn’t so bad.”

Second guy says, “Yeah, look what you’re driving, and look what we’re driving.”

Third guy says, “No guys, you don’t get it, I just saw my wife go by on a skateboard!”

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