Three guys are stranded in the desert..

Three guys are walking through the desert and are very thirsty and they come upon a shack, the first guy goes in and there is an old lady inside, he asks for water and she sais only if you fuck me so he sais no way and sits outside, the second guy goes into the shack and asks for water and she replies only if you fuck me, so he sais no way and sits outside with guy #1. The third guy goes inside and agrees to fuck her for water, so he tells her to turn around and close her eyes, then he grabs a corn on the cob off the counter and fucks her with it, when hes done he tosses it out the window. Then she asks if he will do it twice more for his friends, he agrees and once again fucks her with the corn and throws it out the window. He leaves the shack and goes to his friends and sais hey! I got water!, The two other guys reply, “Oh Yeah? well we’ve got creamed corn!”

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