Three guys are driving through the desert in an old Jeep when it breaks down 50 miles from the nearest watering hole.

Guy 1 claims “it’s only 50 miles to water, grab what we need to protect us from the heat and let’s walk” he gathers up a water container and car seat blanket and sets off.

Guy 2 thinks for a while and then decides to follow, so he grabs an old umbrella from the trunk and follows guy 1, pleased that the umbrella will give him shade from the immense heat.

Guy 3 considers for a short while, then gets to work dismantling the Jeep door before setting off to follow the other guys.

Eventually, after about 2 miles guy 1 notices guy 3 pulling the car door. “Why the hell are you dragging that car door” he asks.

Stunned, guy 3 replies “because it if gets too hot I can wind down the window”

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