Three Generals are arguing about which branch of the service has the bravest members…

Army General says “watch this” and calls a dog soldier over and tells him to climb a nearby flag pole and sing the caissons go rolling along. The soldier salutes smartly and promptly complies, and the General is smug while remarking “now THAT’S bravery”.

Navy Admiral calls a squid over and says “watch this” to his fellow General Officers…”Seaman, climb that flagpole and when you get to the top sing Anchors Aweigh” says the Admiral. “AND, at the end of this blessed song…jump off!” The Sea Dog salutes smartly and does as asked and the Admiral looks smug while remarking “now THAT’S bravery!”.

The Marine Corps General calls a Devil Dog over and repeats the instructions from the other General Officers with the exception that the Marine Corps General goes a step further and requires that the Devil Dog does a beautiful 1/2 twisting full gainer off of the top of the flag pole at the end of singing the Marine Corps Hymn. The Devil Dog looks incredulous at the General and says “Fuck You Sir!”.

Now THAT’S bravery says the General, smiling.

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