Three engineers and three lawyers go to a conference

Three engineers and three lawyers go to a conference. They have a fixed budget and may keep everything they do not spend. The lawyers purchase three train tickets, the engineers only one. When asked about this, the engineers just say: “Wait, and see”. In the train, when they see the conductor getting down the compartment, the three engineers get up and go to the restroom, they barely fit in. The conductor arrives and knocks on the restroom door: “Ticket, please”. The engineers slide the ticket under the door, the conductor punches it and slides it back. The lawyers are amazed that the engineers saved so much money and decide do the same on the way back. So they buy one ticket. This time, the engineers do not buy any ticket at all! “Don’t you need at least one ticket”, the lawyers shout. The engineers just say again “Wait, and see”. Back in the train, when they hear the conductor, the engineers press into one restroom, the lawyers into the other one. Just before the conductor arrives, one of the engineer slips out of the restroom, knocks on the door of the lawyer’s restroom: “Ticket, please”.

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