Three dwarves are sitting around having a few drinks

Dwarf #1 says:

Sometimes I get bummed out being a dwarf. But at least it is good for something. The other day I was flipping through the Guinness Book of World Records, and I found out that I have the shortest arms in the world.

The other two dwarves don’t believe him. So they get a copy of the book and flip to “shortest arms” and sure enough dwarf #1’s picture is there.

Dwarf #2 says:

No fucking way! You know, I’ve always thought that my legs must be the shortest in the world. Flip over to that page and let me know what it says.

So dwarf #1 flips to shortest legs, and sure enough, dwarf #2’s photo is there.

Dwarf #3 says:

This is embarrassing to admit. But I must have the shortest penis in the world. Do me a favor and check.

So dwarf #1 flips to shortest penis and says:

Sorry bro, but some dude named u/lessweakness has got you beat

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