Three co-workers stopped for a drink after work on Christmas Eve

One drink led to another, and they progressed to some serious partying. Later in the evening, they were on their way to another spot when their drunken driver crashed the car, killing them instantly.

The three find themselves in front of the Pearly Gates, being greeted by St. Peter. He tells them, “Normally we do a pretty thorough background check, but we’re short staffed due to the holiday, so there’s a special deal right now. Show some proof that you were celebrating Christmas, and you get into Heaven.”

One guy goes through his pockets, pulls out his lighter, flicks it and says, “There you go, a Christmas Candle.”

St. Peter says, “What the hell, it’s Christmas. Go on in.”

The second guy pulls out his keys, jingles them, and says, “Christmas bells.”

St. Peter says, “Fine, whatever. You’re in.”

The third guy goes through his pockets and finally pulls out a pair of skimpy women’s panties.

“There you go. Can I go in?”

St. Peter says, “I’m willing to stretch the rules a bit, but what on earth does a pair of panties have to do with Christmas?”

“They’re Carol’s.”

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