Three americans are competing to paint a foreign flag on a white sheet of canvas …

The three are given only 30 minutes to complete their assignment.

The first student decides to paint Germany’s flag, the second will paint the United Kingdom’s, and the third Hungary’s.

The first and second are already making good progress. The third’s about to take his first brush stroke but realizes, to his horror, that he completely forgot what Hungary’s flag looks like.

He tries desperately to remember, but before he can even paint the thirty minutes is up.

The professor walks over to judge the quality of each artist’s work. He seems impressed by the first two, but is visibly stunned upon seeing the third student’s painting.

The third student, utterly ashamed, is about to explain why he didn’t paint anything. To his surprise, the professor’s worrying expression morphs into tears of joy, and triumphantly declares the third student the winner.

In the midst of the crowds resounding cheers, the flabbergasted student asks the professor “Why? I didn’t even paint anything!”

The professor just laughs and proudly replies “Don’t be so humble! This is the best painting of the French flag I’ve ever seen!”

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