Three Aliens are discussing the fate of earth.

After a successful invasion of earth, the leaders of the armada joined together to discuss the ruling of the planet. Each of the leaders had a different idea on how what they should do with the surviving humans.

“These humans are dangerous,” said the first. “We all know the losses we took to subjugate them. We need to kill the rest before they kill more of us!”

“Our losses are precisely why we can’t kill them all,” said the second. “The cost of this invasion was more than any of us could have predicted! We need to enslave them! Have them harvest their own planet for us so we can recoup our losses.”

Yet a third had another idea. “We could transport them back home and sell them to the zoos! People would pay dearly to see these them”.

The first two vetoed the third. Shipping that number of people half way across the galaxy was too much, they must stay where they were, dead or alive.

This went on for several months with neither of the three able to convince the two. A compromise was finally reached – the humans would be enslaved, but public executions would take place first, to keep them in line. Some few would be taken home and sold to the zoos.

The alien leaders flew down to earth and arrived at the first of the compounds where the humans were being kept. They announced their plan to enslave the humans. As was expected, there was anger from the crowd. Several started shouting and making obscene gestures. Those were pointed out to the alien guards and brought to the front were they were executed in the most horrific way.

They flew to another camp and the process was repeated. Several humans raised their hands and haves them in obscene ways and those were executed, the rest enslaved.

They visited several camps and finally reached the last one, their task almost complete. They announced the plan one last time and again the humans raised their hands in anger. The alien leaders pointed them out one at a time.

“What’s that one doing,” said the first alien. “He isn’t shaking his fist list the others.”

“It almost looks like he’s waving,” said the second Alien.

“Let me see,” said the third Alien. “Wow! I don’t believe it.”

“What?” Asked the second Alien.

“It’s Dave!”

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