This is a robbery!

A man storms into a bank with a ski mask over his head and a shotgun.

“This is a robbery” the man shouts. “Open the vault!!”

The receptionist stands still looking at the robber questionably.

“We don’t have any money here sir” the receptionist replies. “This is a sperm bank…”

“Open the vault, now!” he screams.

The receptionist opens a giant vault behind her with racks and rows of vials of semen.

“Grab a vial” the masked man yells.

The woman, with hands shaking, hands the vial to the robber.

“No. Open it up and drink it!” he yells.

“Why?” the receptionist asks.

“Today is not your day lady, do it now!” he replies.

Without hesitation, she tips the vial back and swallows the semen.

“Grab 2 more now!!” he yells.

Still shaking the woman quickly grabs 2 random vials.

“Drink them now!” he yells once again.

“Why am I doing this?? Please” she asks in despair.

“Bitch, I will paint the walls with your fucking brains if you don’t drink those” he says.

The woman sucks down both vials quickly.

“Grab 2 more now!!” he yells once again, “Drink them!”

She grabs 2 quickly and says “Why, please! This makes no sense”

He cocks the shotgun and in fear of her life, the woman swallows the last 2 vials.

All of a sudden, the masked man sets down his shotgun, removes his ski mask and says, “See honey, it’s not that bad!”

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