This guy walks into a bar…

Sits down and orders a drink when another patron asks him if he’d like to be regaled with some music. The guy says “sure”, so the patron reaches into his pocket and places a tiny piano on the bar. He then reaches into his other pocket and places a ten inch pianist behind the piano who then begins to shred the keys, filling the bar with best music the man had ever heard. “Where the hell did you get something like that?” the man asked. “Well, I have a genie that grants me wishes. Would you like one?” the patron replied. “Of course I would!” said the man. So the patron places a lamp into the man’s hand and out pops a genie. “You’re wish is my command” the genie’s voice booms and the man proceeds to ask for “ten million bucks”. POOF! Ten million ducks proceed to walk into the bar. The man turns to the patron, exasperated and says “what the hell your genie is broken. I asked for ten million bucks and he gave me ten million ducks” and the patron responds “yeah, ya think I really asked for a ten inch pianist?”

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