This farmer has a roster that screws every living creature in sight…

Farmer’s neighbor wants to breed his chickens, but his rooster was eaten by a fox, so he goes and asks his neighbor for help.

“Hey Joe… So, I know your roster has quite a sex drive. How about you make some money and wear him out a bit? I need about 200 of my hens bred and will pay you well for his services”

“Sure Bill. Just one thing – get them all in one place and make sure he can’t escape – or look out! He’ll fuck anything he can! I’ll bring him by tomorrow morning.”

Next day, Joe brings his rooster to Bill’s barn. “Alright Bill. When I give you a signal, you swing that barn door shut and hope your hens survive his sexual appetite. No guarantees, though. Deal?”

“I suppose. Got no choice. Alright. Let’s do it.”

Bill swings the barn door open and the rooster starts going crazy in his cage. Joe opens the cage and screams: “Shut the door now!”

They slam the barn shut and you could hear the rooster fucking every hen repeatedly. But after a while, they heard a crash and then .. deafening silence. Bill opens the barn door and sees half his hens fucked to death and the other half passed out from fucking. There’s a bird-shaped hole in the back of the barn – rooster broke right though!

They run behind the barn and see Bill’s flock of sheep passed out from being fucked by Joe’s roster. Then, over the hills – his cows were also molested. Further down – his goats too! That rooster was insatiable!

Finally, they see the rooster passed out in the middle of the field – looking like he’s dying. There are even vultures circling above him. His eyes are rolled back, tongue sticking out, talons up.

Joe: “Petey! Oh Petey! I just knew it! I knew you’d fuck yourself to death!”

Petey: winks and brings his wing to his beak. “Shhhhhhhh!” his eyes darting towards the circling vultures, he whispers: “Go away. They’re about to land”

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