There’s a group of animals in a forest, and not enough food.

Faced with dire consequences, the animals gather together and decide on a solution: they will tell jokes to one another, and if every animal laughs at a joke then whoever told it may stay. Otherwise, they are banished from the forest.

First up is the wolf. He tells a great joke. Man, was it good. Everyone’s rolling; everyone except the turtle. Everyone is sad to see the wolf go, but they made an agreement. Next up is the woodpecker. Again, a home run. Just the most beautifully-crafted joke you’ve ever heard. Everyone is in stitches. Everyone, that is, but the turtle, and so they all bid farewell to the woodpecker.

Next up is the Japanese Spider crab, and he gets up there lookin’ all weird and gross and tells a shitty racist joke about pandas that everyone hates. The turtle starts laughing his ass off. At this point the remaining animals are furious. “What the hell, turtle? What’s your deal? How could you possibly find that funny?”

The turtle says “That wolf was hilarious.”

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