There were 3 men.

There were 3 men who grew up together in a small town Jim, George, and Jerry. They were known for the quirks, Jim being a fire bug, George being a nature lover, and Jerry being a deep sea diver. One day Jerry happens upon a bottle with a note on it along the coast. He rushed to show his friends his find. When they read it, it tells of a treasure of a legendary pirate captain and how to find it.

They set off the next day in search of it each one as excited as the other. They have to know what the treasure is. They start at the coast where the bottle was first found and walk along the coast line.

A few hours later they come to a cave in the nearby cliffs. It was bright at the entrance but the further they continued the darker it became. Jim quickly acted and created a torch with his trusty lighter. With their source of light in hand they set forth deeper into the cave.

After some time had passed they came to an opening that was set on all sides by some curious looking vines. They were about to keep moving when George stopped them. He had seen these before and knew they were dangerous to the touch. So George instructed Jim to burn them away so they may pass.

Once clear they continued down the path till they could go no further. The cave was filled by the sea beyond that point. Jerry took over and began to set up his diving equipment to scout ahead. He made his way down into the water until he dissapeared under the surface. He slowly made his way through the cave until he was able to resurface again.

What he saw was incredible a room carved out of the rock filled to the brim with jewels and gold. And in the middle on a pedestal was a goblet made of the finest materials, that made everything else look like something from a dollar store. Having seen this beautiful goblet Jerry couldn’t help himself and snatched it up and his way back to the group. Once he got back to the other two he shared his find, all 3 gawking at the sight of it.

Still sitting there thinking what they could do with their new found fortune they heard a thumping. Not seeing where it was coming from they began to look around. That’s when Jerry spotted something coming out of the water.

It was black, about human sized, Jim held up torch to get a better look at this thing. It was a coffin as black as night, it wasn’t a treasure room they realized it was a tomb. The coffin slowly opened and a sudden vortex of air came rushing in pulling them closer to it. They turned and ran, trying to escape. Jerry’s diving equipment weighed him down, he was the first to be consumed by it. They came to the room with the vines, they had not all been burned away. George clipped some and fell in pain, he was the second to go. Jim started to see daylight and ran as fast as he could towards it. He was just at the entrance but the coffin had gained ground.

He was being pulled back into the cave, back to that thing. He started desperately throwing things at it trying anything he could to make it go away. His lighter, dissapeared into the void, the torch — gone, all he had left from his pack was a bottle fo nyquil from a previous trip. Out of options he hurled it at the coffin, once it vanished into the darkness the coffin did the same.

The nyquil stopped the coffin…

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