There was this Wal-Mart greeter …and everyday he was cheerful, happily greeting customers with a “Welcome to Walmart; I hope your day is wonderful!” or an “Enjoy your shopping!”

One day a loud, boisterous, unkempt woman comes in with her two children, who are running around and causing havoc as she yells at them. The old man greets her in his usual cordial manner, and she snaps back a rude reply to him.

Smiling, the old man looks at the lady and says, “What wonderful children you have; are they twins?”

The lady snorts and replies back “Are you blind? They’re five and seven and look nothing alike. How could anyone mistake them for twins?”

The old man, in his calm and cheerful demeanor, smiles broadly at the lady, and says, “Well, Miss, I didn’t think anyone would want to fuck you twice.”

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