There was a blind man

There was a man who could taste every single ingredient in a dish. One day he went to a restaurant and made a deal with the manager.

“Look, if I could guess every single ingredient you have in 2 dishes of your choice then you would let me eat here for free today. But if I lose I’d tip you an extra $100.”

The manager, finding such claim amusing, accepted the offer and told his top chef, Jenny to prepare the House Special Soup, a truly delicious dish where the recipe of which is highly secretive.

Once it is served, the man tasted a spoonful and listed out all the ingredients on a paper. The manager took the paper and went in the kitchen to show Jenny and to their surprise, the man correctly listed all the ingredients used in the soup, including the exact content of the secret ingredient used.

It was time for the second dish and Jenny had an idea, she stuck her finger down her vagina, scratch around for a bit, and stuck the same finger into a a bowl of stew, thinking they have surely won the bet.

The manager served it to the man and the man once again tasted a spoonful. There was a change in his face, and he said:

“Jenny, is that you?”

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