There was a 6 year old boy named Little Johnny

Johnny loved baseball and always had his ball and glove with him, but today he is hiding in his parents closet. From his vantage point, he could see his mother rolling around on her bed with the strange man who came over when his dad went to work.

Suddenly, he heard the front door open and his mother shoved the naked man into the big closet with him and slammed the door. Little Johnny waited in the dark room for a moment then said, “it’s dark in here.”

The startled man replied “Yeah… It is.”

“You like baseball?”

“Not that much, no.”

“I have a baseball you can buy.”

“No thanks, kid.”

“You know that’s my dad out there…”

“Okay, then… How much?”


Begrudgingly, the man pays little Johnny his $50. A few days later, little Johnny is once again hiding in his parents closet and watching his mother with the strange man. Once again, his dad comes home early and the man is shoved into the closet with little Johnny.

“It’s dark in here.”

“Yeah… It is.”

“I have a baseball glove…”

The man sighs.. “How much, kid?”


Again, the man pays little Johnny. A few days later, little Johnny’s dad suggests a game of catch in the yard and little Johnny tells him he doesn’t have his ball and glove anymore. His father asks him why and he says he sold them to a friend. When his father finds out he sold the ball and glove for $150, he becomes angry and takes little Johnny to confession for cheating his friend out of so much money. He walks little Johnny to the confession booth and pushes him inside, shutting the door behind him.

“It’s dark in here…”

“Now don’t start that again, kid!” says the priest.

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