There is a monkey sitting in a tree getting high…

A lizard walks by and asks him what he is doing.

Monkey says: getting high. Come on up and smoke with me.

So the lizard goes up and smokes with the monkey. After a bit the lizard says: Man I need a drink, you got any water?

Monkey says: Nah man, but there is a river just over there.

So the lizard gets out of the tree and heads off to the river. As he is sitting on the side of the river getting a drink an alligator swims up and asks him what he is doing. Lizard explains he is just getting a drink because he is so high from smoking with the monkey. Tells the alligator he should go see the monkey because it is some good weed.

Alligator walks over to the tree and yells up “Hey monkey”.

Monkey looks down and says: HOW MUCH FUCKING WATER DID YOU DRINK?

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