There are five people in a helicopter: Pope Francis, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth, and a ten year old schoolgirl.

The pilot informs the group that the helicopter is going to crash and there are only five parachutes for the six of them. He takes one and jumps out.

The Pope stands up. “My religion is what is going to guide people through COVID-19.” He takes a parachute and jumps out.

Queen Elizabeth stands up. “I feel like I must continue to be the Queen as long as I can.” She takes a parachute and jumps out.

Donald Trump stands up. “As the smartest man in the United States, I need to stay alive to help my country amidst these times.” He takes a parachute and jumps out.

Barack Obama stands up. “Little girl, I feel like I’ve done what I’ve need to do in my life. You’re just getting started.” He takes the parachute and gives it to the little school girl.

“Mr. Obama, thank you, but there’s two parachutes left. The smartest man in the United States took my backpack.”

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