The year is 2028 and /r/Jokes is still going strong.

A new user gets on to /r/jokes and sees the most upvoted joke just says “28”

The second most upvoted joke says “3915”

The third most upvoted joke says “756”

He can’t see why they’re getting so many upvotes, so he comments “These aren’t jokes, they’re numbers”

The mod replies “You must be new here. /r/Jokes has been around for so long, we’ve seen every joke, so we just refer to them by numbers now”

The new user wants to get a few upvotes so writes “504,323”

When he checks his account the next day his joke is the top post on reddit and the most upvoted /r/Jokes thread of the last 10 years. He messages the mods “What happened?”

The mod replies “Nobody had heard that one before”

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