The World’s Richest Painter made his fortune on a single painting.

First, the painter found the world’s richest man and began to study him.

Then, he arranged to meet with the rich man and his wife, and made them an offer: “Sir, I believe I am the greatest painter the world has ever known, and I wish to paint you a portrait of the woman you love, for she is radiant as the sun. And what’s more, I won’t even charge you. Instead, when the two of you see the painting, I will let you decide what to pay me.”

At this, the rich man’s wife was thrilled and the rich man could not deny his wife such a romantic gesture, so they agreed.

Over the next week, the painter sat with the rich man’s wife, painting a portrait while he studied her. And all the while they were talking, they became good friends who laughed and enjoyed each other’s company, but the painter refused her every request to see the portrait until it was complete.

At the end of the week he stood with the painting covered by a sheet, and invited the couple to the grand reveal. “AND, BEHOLD!”

He rips the sheet off and the room is silent. The rich man’s wife says, “I’m not paying for this shit! This bears only a weak resemblance to a younger me! I don’t even recognize this woman! What did you name the portrait?”

As the painter was about to speak, the Rich man offered the painter half his fortune for the piece to remain nameless.

“How could you give half of all your money for this rubbish, much less without a name?!” The wife exclaimed…

The rich man turns to her and says “Well, if he tells you the name of this painting I’m going to lose half my fortune anyway.”

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