The story of Strongman Dria

In Iraq there was a man named Dria who lived in a small village. Dria was special, because he was as strong as 10 men combined. However, as a way to level the playing field, Dria wasn’t very smart. He’s like a little kid who doesn’t realize his own power. One day Dria’s grandmother becomes very ill, and there’s nothing in the world Dria loves more than his gram-gram, so he vows to save his grandma no matter the cost. But because he doesn’t realize how special he is, he can’t think of any ways to earn enough money to save his grandmother. As he’s walking around town trying to find money, a shady looking dude comes out of an alley way and waves Dria over. “I’ve heard things about you. I have a group of friends that could use your help. Care to join? We’ll pay you.” Dria jumps at the chance, but little does he realize he has just joined a local terrorist cell attempting to make a name for themselves. He heads to their hideout, and after a couple days Dria conducts his first raid. He performs amazing feats of strength, flipping cars and tearing doors off of their hinges. He manages to squeeze every dime out of the people of the village. A new recruit was mesmerized by what Dria did, and after the raid went and talked to him. “Wow! Your strength is amazing! But why are you helping us when you could be doing good for others?” “My gram-gram is sick and the guys here said they’d pay me if I helped them.” “Oh ok. How much have they paid you?” “Well, nothing so far, but I’ll get it soon!” The recruit was heartbroken by the story, but didn’t want to ruin everything for the men he now calls his brothers, so he says nothing. More raids are conducted, and with each one the recruit’s heart sinks a little more, until he just can’t take it. “Dria, I have something to tell you. You’ve been conned. You aren’t going to see even a little bit of the money.” Dria, absolutely furious that he’d been duped, leaves the hideout, and runs to the hills. Upon hearing the news, the leaders of the terrorist cell aren’t worried. “We are rich! We don’t need a strongman, we can conduct the raids ourselves!” However, when the terrorists tried again, they failed miserably. They couldn’t take any money from the villagers that they had previously robbed. The group eventually broke up because they no longer had the funds to attack people. And thus, all of the members of the terrorist cell learned a very valuable lesson that day: that the might of conned Dria was the powerhouse of the cell.

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