The Russian Hunter

Deep in the Siberian woods, a man was hunting when suddenly he sees an enormous bear.

The hunter raises his gun… ‘BANG’

After the puff of smoke clears he sees the bear has disappeared from sight.

“I’ve got him!” The hunter thought.

When suddenly he feels a tap on his shoulder, he looks up to see the bear who says…

“No one takes a shot at me and gets away with it! You have a choice… either I can tear you to pieces and devour you now, or you can drop your trousers, bend over and let me have my way with you!”

The hunter pulls down his trousers and the bear does his worst.

Afterwards the hunter hobbles back into town, slightly bow-legged and buys a bigger gun and heads back to the woods.

It isn’t long before he sees the bear again, so he raises his bigger gun… ‘BANG’

But when the smoke clears, the bear is nowhere to be seen.

“Surely I’ve got him this time!” The hunter thinks.

A moment later he feels another tap on his shoulder… and the bear says “you know what to do”

Now after the bear has done his worst, the hunter heads back into town and buys an even bigger gun, a bazooka!

He goes back into the woods, finds the bear, takes aim and fires ‘BOOM’

But when the smoke clears, the hunter looks up to see the bear standing over him, and they bear says…

“You’re not really in this for the hunting are you?”

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