The Pharmacist

A young man had been dating a girl for some time, and they finally decide that its time for them to have sex. They decide that he’s going to meet her parents, have dinner with the family, and then they will leave and find a nice quiet place to do the deed.

The young man goes to the pharmacy to buy condoms, but because he’s a virgin, he has no idea what to buy. Fortunately, the pharmacist is a friendly older man, who helps him pick out a pack of condoms, and wishes the young man good luck.

That evening, everyone sits down at the dinner table, and begin to say grace. The young man bows, and is saying grace for 5 minutes, then 10, then 15, all without ever raising his head. After 15 minutes, his girlfriend leans over and says

“You never told me you were this religious.”

“And you,” the young man replies, “never told me your father was a pharmacist.”

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