The Pentagon found that it employed too many generals and decided to send some with early retirement.

They promised every general retired a full annual income and all associated benefits plus $ 10,000 for each inch measured in a straight line between two self-chosen points on his own body.

The first who accepted the retirement plan asked to measure the distance between the tips of his toes and the top of his head. Six feet. He walked outside with a check of $ 720,000.

The second asked to be measured between his head and his outstretched hands and his toes. Eight feet. He walked outside with a check of $ 960,000.

Meanwhile, the first general had been informed. And when asked the third general where they had to measure, he said: “From the top of my penis to the bottom of my balls.” “Good,” said the man, “but then I’ll pick up a medical officer.”

The medical officer ordered: “Put your pants down!” And the general did this. The officer placed the start of the ribbon gauge against the tip of his penis and began to work underneath. “Jesus”, he said, “where are your balls?” “In Vietnam”, the general replied.

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