The pain transformer

A pregnant couple arrived to the hospital after the woman started to feel contractions.

Seeing the woman’s pain, the doctor offered a new treatment: A pain transformer which after applying it, the pain will pass (some percentage of it) to the father.

The father, who wanted best for his wife, bravely accepted the offer.

The doctor initated the procedure with a 10% percentage of the pain transformed to the husband.

The husband was reliefed as he didn’t feel anything and seeing his wife gaining some relief from the labor pain.

“Let’s pump those numbers up! give me 50% of the pain” said the husband to the doctor.

The doctor applied the transformer to the mother and yet still the husband didn’t feel any of the pain.

Seeing the relief on his wife’s face and not feeling any pain himself, the husband wanted to help even more:

“Get me 100% of the pain doctor!”

The doctor shocked a little bit, obliged to the request and passed 100% percent from the mother to the father.

After few hours, a healthy boy was born on a painless birth.

The couple returned to their home only to discover that –

Their neighboor died.

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