The Nigerian king

Agnes, a middle-aged New York widow is feeling very lonely one day, so she decides to bite the bullet and try internet dating. Her initial attempts don’t go very well, as most of the contact she receives varies from dick pics to guys asking for nudes. She’s about to give up when one day she’s contacted by a very polite, kind seeming gentleman named Odaka from Nigeria. They chat for weeks, even video-conferencing, and she eventually discovers that he is actually a king is his country and that his former spouse had also passed some years before. All the woman’s friends warn her that the relationship is probably a scan, but the man seems so earnest that she ignores them.

One day, her online paramour announces that he is coming to visit her in the USA. Her friends insist that they accompany her to the airport when she meets him, still mindful of scams. To their surprise, the man arrives in a private jet with a royal entourage. He is indeed a king!

Feeling embarrassed, they do their best to make up for their doubt and fully support the couple. Agnes and her lover have a great time. He loves America and is in wonder with some of the big city. Despite being king – he explains – he has never left his home city, which is not very large and is quite isolated. Agnes and the king move in together and are very happy.

After awhile, though, the relationship starts to feel strained. Odaka is becoming increasingly distant, and seems to be very unhappy.

Worried, Agnes asks him what’s wrong, but he half-heatedly assures her all is fine.

This goes on for awhile, and finally the friends intervene.

Is something wrong between him and Agnes, they wonder.

Odaka assures them that Agnes is the more lovely woman he’s ever known, and that it’s not her fault

Worriedly, they ask if their previous distrust has driven a wedge between the couple, but Odaka tells them that he understands and that he is very happy with the support they’ve given them since his arrival.

What then, they ask, is the problem.

Well, he tells them: “Agnes is incredible, and her friends are all very nice, but…”

The friends press him for an answer, worried that he may have a potential health issue or some other serious problem. Finally, he tells them:

“New York is a wonder and America a great country, but…”

“I miss the reigns down in Africa!”

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