The Magic Wand.

A man and a woman lived in the outskirts of a city. The man was a famous magician who would often go on tours to various cities. This time the tour was longer than usual.

The man and his wife had a very strange but a meaningful relationship. Being very paranoid, the man made his wife promise that she wouldn’t cheat on him. He gave her a magic wand that gives her pleasure so that she wouldn’t want to go out and cheat on him. When the wand is commanded, “Magic Wand, my vagina”, it goes straight up there and starts doing its job.

So after a few days have gone by, she opened the box and decided to let the wand do its job. But the magician had made a very big mistake. He didn’t teach her how to stop the wand. So after a few mins she decided to stop it but she didn’t know how. The wand had no mercy.

She started to freak out and called her husband. He didnt pick up the call. She decided to drive up to the nearest hospital to see if they can do something about it. Going at a speed she’s never gone before, a cop pulled her up and asked her why she was going so fast.

She hesitated to answer it but she finally gave the reason and told him about the Magic Wand. The cop burst out laughing like he’s never done before and obviously he didn’t believe her and he said out aloud, “MAGIC WAND MY ASS”.

Im so sorry this was very long and apologize for my English too. Hope you liked it!

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