The Lone Ranger is out checking out the countryside on Silver one day when he gets ambushed by an Indian war party…

He wakes up to find himself tied up in a tepee.

He looks around and sees the Indian chief and a bunch of others.

The chief says to him, “Lone Ranger! At last I have you! I am going to sacrifice you to the gods in three days at our festival. I am, however, a fair man, and I will grant you three wishes, one for each day. What is your first wish?”

The Lone Ranger replies, “I’d like to speak to my horse.”

The chief sends a warrior to fetch Silver, and the Lone Ranger whisper’s in silver’s ear.

Silver takes off, and doesn’t return until later that evening, with a beautiful blond on his back.

The blond goes into the tepee with the Lone Ranger and spends the night.

The next morning, the chief comes back in, and says “Lone Ranger! That’s quite the horse you have! What’s your second wish?”

Lone Ranger says, I’d like to speak to my horse again.”

Chief sends for the horse, and the Lone Ranger whispers in his ear again.

Silver takes off, comes back that evening with a brunette, even more beautiful than the blond.

She also spends the night.

Chief comes in the next morning and says “Lone Ranger! I can’t wait to have your horse, but fair is fair. What’s your last wish?”

Lone Ranger says “I’d like to speak to my horse again, ALONE!”

Chief thinks, What can it hurt? A redhead?

He brings in the horse and everyone leaves.

Lone Ranger grabs Silver by the ears, looks him square in the eyes and says “Now Silver, listen to me! I need a posse. P.O.S.S.E.!!!”

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