the lioness was sitting next to her husband lion

when out of nowhere the hayena came and starts throwing insults at the lion : “you son of a bitch you motherfucker u are one weak ass king you are so stupid… etc”. the lion doesn’t move an inch and keeps his cool but the lioness is so furious : “are you not gonna do anything ” . but the lion still doesn’t seem to care : “nah it doesn’t matter he’s just a moron ” . same time the day after the hayena comes and starts the insults and the lion still doesn’t move an inch but the lioness had had enough so she bolts after him, she chases into the jungle down the valley up the mountain until he gets to a little tunnel and quickly enters but the lioness follows and gets stuck, the Hayena gets out from the other end goes behind her and fucks the living shit of of her . the next day the hayena comes again and starts insulting the lion again the lion looks at his wife and goes : “are you not chasing him? ” . she replies : “nah it doesn’t matter he’s just a moron” . “oh, you got stuck in the tunnel too”.

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