The jester and the king

It’s a well known fact that humorists are more intelligent than the run of the mill average joe on the street. It’s also a well known fact that it’s not always a good idea to flaunt those extra smarts.

One day, the royal court was lounging around in a bored state. Without thinking, the jester suddenly voiced an opinion, “You know, there are times when the apology for an offense is worse than the original action.”

The king immediately glowers and says, “If you can’t prove that, Jester, I think you may need some time on the rack.”

The next day the king is in the royal gardens tending to his favorite royal peonies. The jester gets a sudden flash of inspiration, walks over and gives the king a resounding smack on his backside.

Naturally the king straightens up and turns in a rage bellowing “Jester! Explain yourself!”

The Jester bowed to the king and said, “Excuse me, your majesty. I thought you were the queen.”

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