The Irish and the Policeman

An Irish priest is driving home from a night at his favorite bar. An officer notices the Irishman swerving all over the road and proceeds to pursue. The Irishman pulls over and the cop makes his way to the driver. Checking the vehicle and noticing bottles over the floorboard, the Policeman asks, “Have you been drinking?”

“I don’t know what you’re on about, Officer. I had only just left church after giving praise to the Lord for his many blessings and miracles.” Said the Priest.

The Policeman frowned, “Well then what’s in the bottles?”

“Water,” he replied.

The Policeman reached in and grabbing a bottle, opened the top and was quickly overcome with the smell. “This is wine!”

The Priest promptly shouted, “PRAISE THE LORD, HE’S DONE IT AGAIN!”

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