The Ice Cream Truck pulls away from Acacia Drive, having served the happiest bunch of kids all day…

…the driver whistles a gay tune, the sun is shining, the traffic is good, there’s but a solitary car at the red light ahead.

Suddenly, there’s a banging on the side of the truck. Startled, he pulls away, thinking its a jacking. His heart racing he makes it to the next set of lights. He turns on the radio and “Welcome To The Jungle” is playing, so he turns it up loud and starts singing, adrenaline coursing through his veins. He lets out a relieving bellow of laughter. Just before the lights change, the banging on the side happens again. He jumps up, wishing he’d carried today. He breathes in and raises the shutter, ready for whatever is awaiting him.

Before him, a young woman is panting, hands on her knees, struggling for breath, sweat pouring off her brow. She’d clearly been running, strenuously.

“Well, wtf do you want, lady?”, Giovanni says.

“I’m…I’m…”, she gasps.

“You’re what?!”, he says, impatient and angry.

“…I’m vegan!”, she says.

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