The Gorilla and the King of the Jungle

The gorilla was strolling through the jungle when he came upon a lion sinking in a pool of quicksand.

“Save me, gorilla!” Shouted the lion. “Drowning in the quicksand is no way for the king of the jungle to die!”

The gorilla quickly grabbed the lion by the rear and started pounding him in the ass.

When he finished he yanked the lion from the quicksand, tossed him as far as he could, and ran for his life.

The lion was furious and gave chase. The gorilla had to die before anybody could find out what happened.

After time the gorilla could run no more and the lion was gaining on him. He quickly sat down on a log, crossed his legs, and opened a newspaper to cover his face.

A split second later, there was the lion.

“Excuse me, sir, did you happen to see a gorilla run by?”

The gorilla couldn’t help himself.

“Oh, you mean the one that ass fucked the king of the jungle?”

“Oh God!” Roared the lion “It’s in the paper ALREADY?!”

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