The girl took her boyfriend home and introduced him to her parents.

The guy had a bad lunch and was feeling discomfort as he was sitting at the dining table for dinner with her parents.

Suddenly he couldn’t control the discomfort, and he farted. At this moment, the girl’s father looked at the dog sleeping by the boyfriend’s feet and yelled “Jackie!”. The guy rejoiced in his heart for they thought it was the dog that farted.

After a little while, he couldn’t control it again, thus he farted again. This time, the girl’s father yelled with a loud and stronger voice and said “Jackie!” The boyfriend thanked the gods again. He cursed the lunch he ate inbhis heart. But he felt relieved they blamed it on the poor dog.

But it took him only few minutes before he broke the wind for the third time. The girl’s father lowered his eyeglasses and said “Jackie! Get up now! This guy is going to shit on your face if you don’t move!”

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