The Duck Hunter

A hunter is out in the country one day and waiting for ducks to fly by.

After a while he sees a duck, points his gun and shoots it. The duck falls to the ground onto some farmland nearby. The hunter walks over the the farm and sees a farmer holding the dead duck.

“Hey that’s my duck!” says the hunter.

The farmer replies, “Well, it fell onto my land, so it’s my duck.”

“Well, I shot it, so it’s my duck” says the hunter.

The farmer says “How about we settle this country style?”

“What’s country style?” asks the hunter.

“Well, first I kick you in the nuts, then you kick me in the nuts. And we keep on kicking each other in the nuts until one of us can’t take it no more. Winner gets the duck.”

The hunter thinks about it for a bit and decides to go for it.

So the farmer hauls his leg back and kicks the hunter square in the nuts. The hunter’s eye bug out and he falls to the ground writhing in pain and clutching his swelling ballsack. After 10 minutes or so the hunter finally recovers and stands up.

“Okay, it’s my turn now” says the hunter.

And the farmer says, “Nah, keep the duck.”

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