The Dishes

Long one so get ready.. A young guy goes to purchase an old motorcycle from an old timer. When he arrives he’s floored at how clean and spotless the bike is. It’s flawless. He asks the old gentleman how he has kept this 40 year old bike in such great condition. Just then it starts to drizzle a bit. The old man takes out a jar of Vaseline and wipes down the whole bike. He states it’s his secret for keeping it spotless and asks the young man to keep his secret safe and to always wipe it down before a rain. The young man promises he will. Deal done and the old man even throws in his jar of Vaseline. Later that evening he takes his motorcycle over to meet his girlfriends parents for the first time. Walking up to the house his girlfriend warns ” We have a weird sort of tradition in our house, we don’t speak a word during dinner otherwise you have to do all the dishes.” Odd but just then a smoking hot girl answers the door and introduces herself as the younger sister, Dad seems nice and introduces Mom, who is also very good looking. Some small talk and it’s time for dinner. The young man walks into the kitchen to help serve dinner and is shocked. No one has done the dishes for what seems months! Dirty plates stacked to the ceiling. It’s a mess. He brings the food to the table thinking ” I’m not going to say a word!” Dinner is actually good and he just smiles along. His girlfriend starts to play footsie with him, then starts feeling his inner thigh. He’s getting excited but realizes this maybe just a ploy to get him to speak. He’s not falling for it! She then goes under the table and starts to give him a blow job right at Dinner!! He’s so confused but also so turned on. The family notices but says nothing, they just keep eating. Mom is visibly getting turned on and the younger sister is too! The girlfriend comes back up from under the table and takes off her pants, they start banging right on the table! “This is insane” he thinks but is so turned on he can’t stop. He bangs the girlfriend, then the mom, and even the sister all while nothing is being said!! The dad just keeps eating the whole time! Just then he looks out the dining room window and notices it’s starting to drizzle, and whips out the Vaseline. “Fine fuck it I’ll do the dishes!” yells the dad.

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