The Department of Defense wanted to improve their survival training…

The select a sergeant from the Army, Marine Corp, and Air Force for interview, in order to see what they already know.

The interviewer asked the three sergeants, “OK. What would you do if you were away on deployment, you’re about to go to sleep, when you find a large scorpion in your tent.”

The soldier shrugs and says, “Step on it with my boot, check the area for more, and providing I don’t find any, go to sleep.”

Next the marine pipes in, “I’d chop off its tail with my knife and eat the body for substance!”

The interviewer moves on to the Air Force Sergeant. “And What would you do?”

He responds, “Well the first thing I’d do is call the front desk and demand to know exactly whose idea of a joke it was to set up a fucking tent in my hotel room!”

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