The Cheating Husband

A mother told her son to use her phone and call his dad to tell him that dinner was ready.

Mom: Did you call your father?

Son: Yes mom!

Mom: And what did he say?

Son: Nothing mommy…

Mom: What do you mean, nothing?

Son: I called him three times and every time I called, a woman answered.

Mom: Really now! Just you wait and see what happens to your father when he gets home.

The father arrives home a little later, as the car pulls in the mother storms out of the house, grabs him and starts yelling at him. All the neighbours come out to see whats happening.

Mom: You good for nothing, cheating, dirty liar! You think I don’t know what you were doing with that woman?! Boy, come here and tell everyone what the horrible woman on the phone said to you!

Son: She said “You do not have enough credit to make this call”

*This joke was translated from patois

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