The Captain’s Parrot

There once was a captain of a large cruise ship that had a very intelligent parrot. To keep the parrot busy while the captain was working, he left him in the ballroom where the magician performed his act. The parrot would watch the magician at work, and over time, the parrot learned the secrets of all of the magician’s tricks. And since he was so talkative, he would shout out the secrets during the show.

For instance – the magician would put a rabbit in hat and make it disappear. The rabbit would shout “there’s a secret compartment in the hat!” Or the magician would make a coin disappear into thin air, and the parrot would yell “it’s in his other hand!”

Well, this was making the magician very angry of course, but he couldn’t harm the parrot since it belonged to his employer, the captain.

One day, the ship hit an iceberg and sank. Before it could sink, everyone headed to the lifeboats, including the magician and the parrot. And as fate would have it, the parrot and the magician ended up in the same lifeboat alone together.

The magician seethed at the parrot. After about an hour, the parrot says “ok, you got me. Where the ship?”

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