The brave man

At the circus, the lion tamer strolls into the caged ring where there’s one huge lion.

The brave tamer says to the audience,

– “Watch this.”

He then walked up to the lion, opened its mouth and stuck his willy right in, then he slapped the lion on the head really hard and slowly removed his ‘boy bit’.

Well the audience was very impressed, much applause and shouts of delight.

– “Now then, if there’s anyone out in the audience thinks they can do that, I’ll give them $500, any takers?”

A little old man stood up and said,

– “Yes I’ll give it a go.”

The audience went wild.

– “Okay,” says the lion tamer, come into the cage with me. You’re very brave to give that a go, are you afraid?”

And the little old man said,

– “No not really, just as long as you don’t slap me as hard as you slapped that lion!”

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