The blonde and brunette bank robbers

A blonde and brunette are parked outside a bank with ski masks on.

“Remember the plan. You ready?” the brunette asks.

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” the blonde eagerly replies.

The blonde rushes into the bank while the brunette keeps the car running. 5 minutes pass, then 10, then 20, then 30.. “What the hell is taking her so long!” the brunette tells herself.

Finally the blonde comes out running and ties a rope end to the car, hops in, and the brunette tails it. The safe bursts through the door rolling on the street behind the car followed shortly afterwards by a bank guard running in vain behind with his pants halfway down calling after them.

“What the fuck happened in there?!” the brunette demands.

“I promise, I was just following the plan!” the blonde replies.

The brunette facepalms and says, “I thought I made myself clear… You were supposed to blow the safe and tie up the guard!”

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